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2007-5-2 05:58 PM Sey.


Madonna - The Confessions Tour  (圖:90px-Ctdvd)

madonna d歌依然係咁正XD

grammy awards 2007(圖IMG_0464)

好多正歌xd有the black eyed peas既my humps x)<--嘻!超好聽呀e首!"XD

Vittorio - In the Hands of Love(圖IMG_0207)


The black eyed peas - Monkey business(圖Black_Eyed_Peas_-_Monkey_Business_-_CD_cover)

超正呀xd,,尤其是係d remix左既歌......!=]

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2007-5-2 06:00 PM Carpi.
[font=Georgia][color=#5100ff]我都買左Mad0nna既the confessions tour
真係抵到爛  :3

2007-5-2 06:02 PM 露莎x]`
haha,,,i am the first one ah!!!!!!
i hv bought some long time ago,,,,but post my favourite 2 la,,,XDD
Ashley Tisdale-Headstrong,,,
my idol ah!!!!!!SOOOOOOOO GOOD ah!!!!!>333333<love it!!!!
Jesse McCartney-Right where you want me
my another idol ah!XDDi love all of his songs in this CD,,,=]
that's all=333=

2007-5-2 06:02 PM lilyandlily
I buy some also.
But all of them are old CD.
Britney Spears
-Oops I did it again
-My Prerogative

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2007-5-2 06:03 PM Sey.

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2007-5-2 06:05 PM yoyo555
我買左中島美嘉隻The End~好好聽!!

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