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2009-3-28 10:03 AM kely_to
[分享] CE 2009 brand-new oral analysis

[分享] CE 2009 brand-new oral analysis

Uploaded a new file :

this is my sample mock paper for English paper 1B. please feel free to take a look and give me comments by [email=kely_to@hotmail.com]kely_to@hotmail.com[/email]


To all CE candidates and especially CE repeaters :

"Time and tide wait for no man." What a meaningful saying to me !

Last year, I used to be a band-one school student and I had edited 2 sets of oral mock papers in different forums ....

Set 1 -請切換完整版來瀏覽圖片和連結

Set 2 -請切換完整版來瀏覽圖片和連結
[ you may refer to 請切換完整版來瀏覽圖片和連結 as well ]

And this year,I will repeat HKCEE 2009. It is because of my failure in maths and science subjects last year. [ you can imagine it ...only chemistry got E while the other two and maths were F]. However, I have achieved 5* in Chinese Language and Level 5 in English Language oral,which gave me a really strong encouragement to continue to improve my language skills.

白駒過隙,時移勢易,新制度下的中英文科都完全跟舊制截然不同,要知道,在有限的時日,還要兼顧其他科目,試問又怎能有效提升語文能力呢 ? 坦白說,恐怕我們連欣實文字之美的心情都沒有 ! 可憾的是,大部分日校老師都沒有機會令學生有充足練習小組討論的機會,儘使有,又有多少同學領悟到技巧所在呢 ! 此外,練習小組討論所需時間長,在普通課堂中根本沒多機會實行 ! 如果你是老師,也會要同學多做堂上作文,而不是小組討論吧 ! 所以,我們應以oral考試奪分數自救 !

雖然我只身為洋洋十萬多名會考生的其中一名,可謂滄海一栗!本來不應如此「自以為是」,浪費時間去模仿那些補習天王,製作華麗教材....只不過,在334的新學制來臨前,我們這群末世考生還要飽歷多少變遷呢!單單說中文科,07年的作文<<檸檬茶>>,08年的閱讀理解<<春江花月夜>> ....

故此,我決定在CE筆試過後,善用自己的時間,為大家做點有貢獻的事,尤其是幫助那些沒有經濟能力去補習的會考生。即使花光我所有力氣,我也要讓大家有多些資料準備口試,讓大家能取得人人都有資格取的合理分數 !

我就是要以行動證明,補習社的教學團隊所造的東西,一名學生憑個人之力都可做到 !

Started at 10/5/2009, I will wholeheartedly work on the preparation work of 2 oral exams.
In short, I will be back to here, providing more materials to all of you.This year, pdf. files would be uploaded instead of doc.files. All of you can welcome to reach me by e-mail:kely_to@hotmail.com, after reading my 2 sets of oral mock papers last year ... I bet you should have comments and suggestions on it , right ?

for details , please refer to :

See you there at the exam. centres !


a F.5 evening school student.

P.S Due to the limit of uploading attachments, I humbly urge the forum master group could deal with this problem ...

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2009-3-30 04:56 PM kely_to
push !
Work hard Ar ! CE candidates .... nearly 2 more weeks to go ....

2009-4-9 04:41 PM kely_to
push again

I have upload a new sample analysis for English paper 1B - writing !
all of you are welcomed to download it.


12 days to CE geography ....

2009-4-19 06:42 PM Tigris`翼仔:

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